Shared Ownership Retirement Homes

Part rent, part buy with our shared ownership scheme

Shared Ownership on retirement properties

Our shared ownership scheme is the affordable way to buy your retirement property. You can live your dream retirement, and make your budget go further. It’s smart, easy and affordable. Pay for a share of your new property, then pay a low regulated rent on the remainder, along with a low-cost service charge.

Benefits of shared ownership

Shared ownership is perfect if you’re looking for flexibility. Because you’re only buying a proportion of your new home, you can afford a home that is just right for you and choose how to make your money go further. You might decide not to invest all the equity from the sale of your old home into a new one. You’ll be able to decide how much money to leave yourself, so you can feel more financially secure for the future.

  • Afford a high-quality home that’s right for you
  • You choose how much you can afford to pay
  • Your equity is unlocked, to provide for your future.
  • Maximum value for money with no hidden charges
  • Rent is regulated by Homes England
  • Platinum Skies have capped rent increases to a maximum of 6% per annum despite what happens with inflation
  • You choose the amount of equity to buy (minimum 25%)
  • You can buy a greater share at a later date
  • Low-cost, not-for-profit maintenance fee

How does Older Persons Shared Ownership typically work?

platinum skies shared ownership

Pay for half of your new
Platinum Skies home

shared ownership explained platinum skies

And pay a low rent
on the other half

equity release platinum skies

Enjoy a happy and
healthy retirement

Applying for shared ownership

The ‘older person shared ownership’ (OPSO) scheme has some eligibility requirements:

  • You must be over 55
  • Your annual income must be less than £80,000 per household
  • The property you’re purchasing must be your only property

However, if you don’t qualify for OPSO, we have our own Platinum Skies shared ownership

Customer testimonial at Platinum Skies

“It’s great to share!”

“Platinum Skies’ part-buy, part-rent concept has meant we’re able to move into a modern, brand new apartment with more space than we thought we could afford and still be mortgage free!”

Homeowners at Monterey, Christchurch

To learn more about how shared ownership has helped our customers, get in touch today…

The key benefits of Shared Ownership with Platinum Skies

long term partners shared ownership

Together, we’ll be long-term partners with the same shared interests

equity release platinum skies

Paying just a fraction of your home’s value makes it truly affordable

government backed shared ownership scheme

Peace of mind from the fact that we’re government-backed and regulated

enhance your retirement through shared ownership

Enhance your retirement income immediately and plan for the years ahead

make your money go further shared ownership

Make your money go even further by saving thousands on stamp duty costs

lifestyle options

Live life to the fullest whilst knowing support is there if you need it

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